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2024-2025 FAFSA Delays Explained

The U.S. Department of Education has made many significant changes to the FAFSA process this financial aid year (2024-2025), which is resulting in nationwide delays in financial aid processing, including significant impacts to:

  • Timely processing of your FAFSA by the Department of Education,
  • Timely receipt of your FAFSA by the Athens State University Financial Aid Office, &
  • Our University software systems’ ability to make timely updates to properly process your FAFSA upon receipt.

All of this ultimately leads to delays in our ability to award financial aid to you and your fellow students, with an estimate of a 3+ month delay in processing/awarding.

Please be assured – we are working diligently and doing our very best to reduce the impact of these delays on your University experience. Once we receive your 2024-25 FAFSA information and our computer system is able to process your financial aid application – we will notify you via email that your FAFSA has been received (expected to occur in April). Then when we are able to process the information and send out offers, we will do so via email (currently expected to occur in late June).


We are here to assist you in securing a quality education without missing an opportunity because of any financial situation. We work to provide you with the best scholarship, grant, student employment, and loan options available. We encourage you to begin this process as early as possible to ensure that you receive maximum consideration for the aid for which you may qualify.

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